Professional Services

Thank you for visiting my website, Children of Divorce.

I have worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Beverly Hills, California for the past 24 years.  My CA License# is 15307.

I adore children and love helping them.  I treat high conflict children of divorce cases and work with children as young as four years of age.

The purpose of therapy is to create a healing relationship between parents and children. The relationship will help reestablish a sense of trust and respect in the family.

I provide both:

  • Individual therapy for children. Often children find it difficult to express their feelings (anger, sadness, fear) to their parents.  The introduction of a third party who is not emotionally involved with the child or parents provides a means for both parent and child to communicate openly.
  • Family therapy for children with each of their parents. Family therapy allows each parent the opportunity to talk with their child and the therapist in a neutral environment.
  • Couple therapy. for couples trying to improve communication, intimacy and avoid divorce. The emphasis is on treating the couple.

The length and frequency of treatment will depend on your child’s needs.

I encourage my clients to feel safe expressing their feelings to me and trusting me.  The more they trust me, the more they can communicate to their parents and begin healing from the divorce.