Talking to a teddy bear does not resolve a broken family or a child's feelings.

Tug of War

Parental tug of war tears children apart.


Tears are an endless symptom even when they dry.


It's lonely not being able to talk about feelings.

Shut down

When a child shuts out the noise of parental arguments, the child usually shuts out much more.

What can therapy do to help your child recover from your divorce?

Engaging in THERAPY with a caring therapist can be extraordinarily HELPFUL to your child when going through a divorce. Make no mistake. Your child is going through an enormous amount of emotional turmoil because of your divorce. Being able to confide with a non-judgmental therapist empowers your child to express his or her feelings and enhance his or her self-esteem. If your child can bond with a therapist and trust them and share their secret feelings about their parents, they have an excellent chance of recovering quickly!

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