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In an upcoming book, Ms. Singer discusses
“Why Children  Should Have Therapy During And After A Divorce?”

“Parents may become so self-involved with their emotional, legal and personal issues of their divorce that they may not pay attention to how their children are really feeling.”

It is most important that parents understand that their children have experienced a HUGE traumatic loss in their life, next to losing a close grandparent or sibling, and require therapy to adjust.

A Child of Divorce needs a neutral person outside of their immediate family to share and discuss their private feelings with. Children often experience feelings of sadness, anger, confusion, fear and abandonment. They need a safe place to express these feelings.

Often, children lose respect for one or both parents and have difficulty expressing their feelings. A caring therapist can help the child feel safe and comfortable expressing themeselves to their parents, whether through words, play or art. Therapy helps a family rebuild respect and trust.